Why is there no ban on Valentine’s Day in malls and hotels in Pakistan?

Valentine’s Day, Shops laden with red roses. kids marketing flowers at traffic signals, and highways adorned with red balloons. Yes, we are talking regarding this western competition that looks to draw in the eye of individuals. particularly the youth, with its stunning colors. however, there’s a storm of misguidance for the Pakistani generation, specifically “Valentine’s Day”.

Almost every kid is aware of the history at the moment. extraordinary boundaries of Islamic traditions. at the moment, brings with it some things. that they always end in the ruin of the dignity and lifetime of ladies.

Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day

Can February 14 be celebrated in Pakistan?

Celebrations of nowadays, are formally banned by the judicature of Pakistan in 2017. that is certainly a decent move. additionally, the action is being taken against. those that sell things on the occasion of the day within the media. On the streets to stay the February 14 fuss faraway from Pakistani society as much as potential.

Why not ban Valentine’s Day in malls and hotels?

Every year since the supreme court dominated against Valentine’s Day. the police have cracked down on kids selling flowers and balloons on the streets. however special arrangements for the day haven’t been stopped in expensive malls and luxury hotels. that’s to mention, category variations additionally interchange the manner of following the court’s call. Last year too, Valentine’s Day celebrations were control in malls. and restaurants in major cities of Pakistan. If the govt needs to stem the flood tide of Western obscenity in Asian countries. it ought to stop commerce flowers to the poor within the slums. likewise as ban expensive-looking centers and restaurants.

Valentine in History & nowadays
Furthermore, Valentine’s Day may be a celebration that has no basis in something worthy or noble.

Its origin lies in Roman history. supposedly connected to a “saint” referred to as “Valentine”. who was sentenced to death on fourteenth Feb 270 ce.

It began as a pagan ritual started by Romans. within the fourth century B.C. to honor their false god Lupercus.

The main attraction of this ritual was a lottery command to distribute. young ladies to young men for “entertainment and pleasure” — till subsequent year’s lottery.

Romans continuing to celebrate this till once they became Christians.

By this means, Valentine’s Day promotes fornication. and promiscuous relationships, that undermine. and jeopardize the holiness of weddings and also the stability of the nuclear family.

It results in unneeded expenditure and promotes fornication, drinking, and immorality.

Lastly, today compounds a way of deprivation, loneliness. and low self-worth among those that square measure single.


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