Romantic poetry in Urdu

Finally, you reached your destination while searching for Romantic poetry in Urdu. While expressing your feelings, language matters a lot. Urdu is a language that shows your inner emotions hidden in your heart for someone. When you want to share how much you adore someone this romantic poetry in Urdu is the best option.


Romantic poetry in Urdu
Romantic poetry in Urdu


Love is the most precious emotion. People love each other. By falling in love, one considers himself/herself the luckiest person in the world. Moreover, it is the best moment of my life. It is not enough to say just ‘I Love You’ to your loved one.  You should realize him/her importance and place for her/him in your heart.


This site provides the best Romantic poetry in Urdu. It contains lots of love, care and emotions. Express your love in a beautiful manner in Urdu. In addition, a relation becomes more strong and unbreakable by romance. Select your poetry and share. The most difficult thing is to choose the words. Here is the solution to this problem. We have already arranged through poetry.



These poetries can be sent on special events, days and occasions for example birthdays. Ou can also write on wish cards and messages and post on social media for instance Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram. Poetry is not only written for lovers. Some people have built-in taste in poetry. There are many types of poetries for instance motivational poetry, love poetry and many more. Most people read poetry and ghazal as their hobby because they have an interest in reading. There are many great poets in history who wrote for you wrote for the youngsters as a motivational message. Hence you can enjoy an impressive collection of Romantic poetry in Urdu.


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