Disadvantage of playing the PUBG game

PUBG is the most powerful source of entertainment. But also there is a Disadvantage of playing the PUBG game for youngsters and children. PUBG earned popularity in days. Many gamers are addicted to this. They also impact others. Sometimes gamers insist others play with him. In this way the chain of addiction proceeds.


Disadvantage of playing the PUBG game
The disadvantage of playing the PUBG game


PUBG not only is a wastage of time but also has a negative effect on mental and physical health. So while playing games, everyone should be aware. But this is the reality that you cannot understand the situation until you pass through it.

Highlighted Disadvantage of playing the PUBG game

1 Violent game

It is a violent game. PUBG creates anger and furious behavior. That’s why it is under investigation.  Due to its violent nature, it triggers emotions and aggressive thoughts which as a result affects mental health.


2 Addiction

While playing video games, one can easily become addicted to it. Furthermore, addiction or excess of everything is harmful. There should some limited restrictions in families to avoid mental health issues. Although addiction is not a new thing. It makes the person less productive.


3 Lowers social activity

When you play PUBG all day, there will no enough social connection. At this stage, you are running towards spoiling your life. Your life becomes conserve. You are limited to the games. Even you do not have time for yourself.


4 Adverse physical health

To play PUBG you sit in one place for hours. It makes you lazier and less productive. You spend your time sitting in a place. This way, physical health impact badly. For example backache, joints pain run throughout your life. Focusing the eyes on the screen for a long time becomes the reason for the headache and weak eyesight.


5 Poor mental health

Those people who play PUBG, remain under stress. Because they do not have a social circle, friends. They feel unpleasant. Moreover, they do not enjoy their time with their close buddies.  The one reason behind the stress is the miss of chance in-game.


6 Disturbs sleep pattern

The most remarkable Disadvantage of playing the PUBG game same is that it disturbs your sleep cycle. Even if you decided to sleep.


7 Wastage of time

No one is asking you to turn out the game. It s assure that playing 5 matches a day will definitely destroy 4-5 hours every day. In this way, you will have no time to enjoy yourself with your family, friends, and work.


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