Sajid Sadpara, the son of missing Pakistani mountaineer  Ali Sadpara has said that the possibilities that his father is alive. “are next to none.

In a video message from Skardu. wherever he arrived earlier on Sunday, Sajid said: “Rescue operations currently solely be if they’re carried out to bring back his body. Otherwise, for the possibility for anyone to survive at 8,000 metres for 2 to 3 days are next to none.

missing Pakistani mountaineer
missing Pakistani mountaineer

Sajid aforesaid that a team of 4 climbers. They began their climb at around 11 pm-12 am on Feb five.

“Unfortunately, I was Without oxygen. At a height of regarding 8,200 metres within the winter. I felt like my health is obtaining affected also as my mental well being.

“My father said he’s carrying another oxygen tank that I ought to use. however as I started fitting the breathing device regulator, it leaked. therefore I came down,” he narrated.

Sajid aforesaid that the “last time he saw” his father. His father was at the bottleneck at around 8,200-8,300 metres.

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“I believe he summited the height and was on his means back. there was wind also that night that should have created some issues,” he added.

Earlier, the Deputy Commissioner of Shigar had confirmed the safe arrival of Sajid Sadpara in Skardu.

He aforesaid helicopters had searched the area with Sajid and Dawa sherpa who was leading the K2 winter expedition. up to an elevation of 7,800 metres. however “found no clues because of dangerous weather”.



mountain climbing, the game of attaining, or making an attempt to achieve, high points in mountainous regions, chiefly for the pleasure of the climb. though the term is commonly loosely applied to walking up low mountains that provide only moderate difficulties, it’s additional properly restricted to ascent in localities wherever the tract and weather gift such hazards that, for safety, an explicit quantity of previous expertise are found necessary. For the undisciplined, the mount could be a dangerous pursuit.

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