Is Cedars Business Services Legitimate

Rest assured, this is not a scam. Cedars Business Services operates under the appropriate state licenses, and you can verify their credentials with your local state regulators.

With a solid 20-year history, they’ve been a trusted collections partner for their clients. As an accredited business by the Better Business Bureau and a longstanding member of ACA International, their approach to collections is rooted in transparency and a People-First philosophy. They strictly adhere to ethical, professional, and service standards.

To distinguish between a legitimate debt collector and a scammer, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s website offers valuable insights. Explore their guide at

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to their official website  Cedar Financial. And you can also check Cedar’s client reviews here.

is cedars business services a scam

What is Cedar Business Services?

Since 1997, the focus of Cedars Business Services in the debt collection arena has always been centered on people.

Founded on trust, Cedars Business Services is dedicated to fostering genuine relationships built on transparency at every stage of the debt recovery process. They make certain that both their consumers and clients are well-informed about their rights and uphold rigorous ethical standards.

Their team members, partners, and representatives worldwide are committed to delivering top-notch performance and customer service. Rest assured, all their communications with consumers are not only guaranteed to be respectful but also compliant, tailored towards identifying amicable solutions.

I keep getting text messages from Cedars Business Services – is this a scam?

Of course notCedars Business Services is a legitimate company. Thousands of customers are fully satisfied with their quality work. If you want to know about Cedar, you can simply check Google reviews. Cedar is one of the pioneers of this industry. So people have just started to take some fame by spoiling its brand name. I have many contacts who trust Cedar blindly. They have many long-term clients who have been using Cedar’s services for more than a decade. So there is no doubt that it’s a legitimate company.

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