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Islamic Calligraphy Art

The creation of Islamic Calligraphy Art is unique and complicated. However, it has much worth all over the world. So people like to display Calligraphy of Quran verses on the walls of their drawing rooms and etc.  There is other calligraphy also, for instance, Japanese and Chinese calligraphy. But Islamic calligraphy not only the best art in the world but also provides peace of heart during writing. In the Islamic world, calligraphy became astonishingly popular. Moreover, it is written with pen and paper with different designs and layouts. It includes infinite creativity and versatility through which calligraphers transmit the expression and meaning of the word to a paper in a significant means.


Islamic Calligraphy Art
Islamic Calligraphy Art


Moreover, the Arabic language is sacred to Muslims as the Holy Quran revealed in the Arabic language. Islamic Calligraphy Art writes in Arabic. Quranic verses, quotes and Islamic saying are the example of calligraphy. In the beginning, the Quran was not present in written form but it recited orally. So there was a need arisen to have Quran on paper. So that everyone can learn and recite it.


There are types of calligraphy for instance Kufic style, Script style and Angular style. Kufic style is the first form. Its name is after the city of Kufah in Iran. Hence these different styles have their value in different work, for example, the Kufic style is for Quran manuscripts, the dome of the rock and inscriptions. Another style of calligraphy is Naksh. In calligraphy mostly Arabic alphabets and alphabets derived from it use in writting. It is not restricted to not only Arbic but also Persian, Afghan, Pakistan and indian etc.



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