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Tips to make soft Roti at home

There is a big problem for women to make Roti perfect and eatable. So here are Tips to make soft Roti at home. Although every girl has to make chapati. Some can make it without any skepticism but some face many challenges to make an exact shape and soft texture. This post is not only for those girls who are learning to make roti but also for those who are already involved in cooking and household works.


Tips to make soft Roti at home
Tips to make soft Roti at home


Hence Roti is the main part of the diet in India and Pakistan. We will share some tips to make soft Roti at home. Moreover, it is the need of the hour that every girl should how to cook. It is said that every woman has her life around the kitchen. An interesting thing is that the way of man’s heart passes through the stomach. So, ladies be ready to gratify your future life partner.


Tips to make soft Roti at home for beginners


  • Add oil to the dough

When you knead the flour to make the dough, add a small quantity of oil to it It not only make the dough soft but also enhances the flavor of Roti. Oil also acts as a binding agent to make chapati. Furthermore, oil in dough reduces the cooking time on Tawa. Because it absorbs heat rapidly without losing the moisture content. In this way, Roti will become soft.

  • Put an appropriate volume of water

Some people make mistakes while kneading. They add extra water to the dough in hurry. It will break the Roti before settling on Tawa. So add the appropriate amount of water. In addition, warm water makes the soft dough. This will make the Roti soft and smooth.

  • Autolyse

Autolyse is the time period between mixing the dough and water and kneading. Keep the dough for at least 15-20 minutes. It will allow the flour to absorb more water and puffiness. Mixing too much before activates the gluten in the flour which causes a hindrance in water absorption. Do not add salt to start as it resists the process of water absorption. After autolyse knead the dough properly. Your soft and delicious Roti is ready to eat.


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