World Water Day Theme 2021 Images

United Nations celebrates World Water Day on 22nd March every year. Today is March 22, 2021. So this day comes with a lot of awareness regarding water conservation and water crises. Although there is 70% water on earth and the human body contains 60% water. We are facing difficulties too. This day was decided by the United Nation in 1992 at the conference of Environment and Development in Rio de Jeneiro. All lives depend on Water. Without water, life will cease. Almost all reactions occur in the presence of this precious Gift Of God. If you have an abundance of water then use it wisely. Because there are many regions in the world where people cover miles of distance just to have a jug of water.


World Water Day Theme 2021 Images
World Water Day Theme 2021 Images


Significance of World Water Day

However, the main focus of this day is to aware people of freshwater availability and its use in daily life. Global crises are rising day by day so water is one of them. UN realized that there should be a specific day on which all the matters related to water will discuss. So 22 March decided. Increasing population, Unequal distribution of geographical area, Unequal freshwater distribution, Rapid urbanization, Global warming, Climate change, Depletion of freshwater availability because it is being used in beverages industries, agriculture and livestock. Hence on this day, we will focus on water conservation and its sustainable use.


Although World Water Day became part of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by United Nation General Assembly (UNGA) in 2015. There are 17 global goals of UNGA. The target to achieve them is 2030. It will not only make a sustainable future for humanity but also social and environmental peace and wellness.



On this day, try to appreciate the people around you the benefits and significance of water. The cost of water does not meet its valuable benefits for example in education, health, culture, food, and household. Mishandling of this will put you in trouble.


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