World Tuberculosis Day Theme 2021

World Tuberculosis Day is the day of spreading awareness regarding disastrous health, consequences, social and economic. However the purpose of this day to eradicate the epidemic of TB from the world by adopting beneficial steps and struggle. So It celebrates on 24 March every year. In 1882, Dr. Robert Koch discovered the bacteria Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, which enters the body and affects the lungs. So from that 24 March is commemorating annually. The target of SDG is 3.3 calls for termination of the epidemic of Tuberculosis, AIDS, malaria, neglected tropical diseases, combat hepatitis, communicable diseases and water-born illness by 2030.



World Tuberculosis Day Theme 2021
Vector illustration of a stylish text for World Tuberculosis Day.


World Health Organization celebrates this day annually to increase the knowledge of TB. Although itis an infectious disorder but treatment is available. TB kills many people worldwide. To make this day fruitful, ‘awareness campaigns’ and events o small levels are helpful. Moreover educated the people through feasible means about the impact of TB. Organizations and societies are working with the collaboration of colleagues and partners in groups. They are educating the people on how to prevent and manage this disease.


World Tuberculosis Day is not only memorizing the work of Rober Koch but also it raises the knowledge to the people who already know or who are not aware. So when you test positive for the TB, adopt measures for example do not sneeze in front of anyone, use a handkerchief while sneezing. Because the germs travel through the air and infect the others. Take prescribed medicine on time. Vaccination is available as well. Smoking is the leading factor. But the main cause is Mycobacterium. If you are suffering from fever. cough, chills, perspiration at night, then you should go for the TB test. For example, skin tests, blood tests, x-rays and microscopy are in practice.


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