Does Garlic cause or treat high blood pressure level?

Garlic is considered a functional food. Discussion about does garlic cause or treat high blood pressure is present in detail. High blood pressure is also referred to as Hypertension. It appears to be asymptomatic. High BP is the risk factor for heart diseases and stroke. There are many drugs and natural herbs to lower high blood pressure. But garlic is one of the best remedies.

Does Garlic cause or treat high blood pressure?

Pharmacological drugs have many adverse effects on health. That’s why individuals heading towards natural herbs or remedies. Garlic is a phytomedicine that contributes to positive health outcomes.

Effect on Blood Pressure

Garlic (Allium Sativum) lowers the blood pressure effectively. A randomized study trial had performed. The results showed a remarkable decline by 6.7 mmHg and 4.8 mmHg for systolic and diastolic blood pressure respectively.

Several other studies showed blood pressure reduction from 2.5-11.2 mmHg. Those individuals who were taking  600-2400 mg of garlic powder per day for 8 to 24 weeks.


An active component of garlic is Allicin. It has a blood pressure-lowering character. When the question arises about how garlic lowers the blood pressure, the next sentence is the answer. This Allicin prevents angiotensin II(a compound that is responsible for high blood pressure through contraction of blood vessels) production.

This active ingredient also produces hydrogen sulfide and nitric oxide. These two compounds are necessary for the regulation of blood pressure. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant agent.

Safe use of garlic

Garlic is safe for use. When we say does garlic cause or treat high blood pressure, now we are pretty much sure that garlic is BP lowering remedy. It has been using since ancient times because it does not have any adverse side effects. Somehow it shows a slightly negative impact. When garlic is taken in raw form, garlic breath and taste will change as a side effect. Otherwise, there are no such adverse effects.

It is commonly prescribed to take garlic as a supplement in powder or extract form.


The dosage of garlic is over here according to its type.

Garlic oil: 12.3 mg/ day for 16 weeks

Garlic powder: 600-2400 mg/ day for 8 to 24 weeks

Aged garlic extract: 240-2400 mg/ day for 2 to 23 weeks

Raw garlic: 400 mg /day for 6 months

Many other natural products are also available to lower high blood pressure. Before administration of any product or herb or any other natural substance, it is the best way to consult your doctor.


This debate is all about does garlic cause or treat high blood pressure. Garlic treats the high blood pressure to retain its normal range. Allicin, a compound in garlic has a link with angiotensin II to lower BP. Recommended dosage of garlic from 12.3 to 2400 mg/ day for 2 to 24 weeks. This range depends on the form of garlic consumed. Either it is in powder form or extracted or aged garlic. Garlic has been in cooking and curing diseases of ancient times.

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