Blackout in Pakistan Right Now |

Blackout in Pakistan right now is on everyone’s tongue. Suddenly the electricity just shut down all across the country. All small and big cities are facing electricity problem at the moment.

Nobody knows what happened? there are some following conspiracies:

Rumors/Conspiracies during #Blackout

1. Martial Law 

2. India attacked Pakistan

3. Agencies Got Info on terrorism hence the measures.


Our social generation on its peak right now. Everyone is posting memes, status and funny videoes right now.

Some latest tweets areas listed below:

blackout in pakistan


We hope that everything will be ok in Pakistan right now. There are many people related to our politics who are sharing their different thoughts about the current issue. But we also got an amazing response from our Minister of science and technology Mr. Fawad Choudhary that it’s a problem in our Tarbela Dam.

It caused because of a breaker issue in Dam. It will take some hours to settle it down.

let see tomorrow that what happened last night?

long live Pakistan!!


blackout in pak




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