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Top Ten Games for Android Mobiles 2021 free

We are here with excellent Top Ten Games for Android Mobiles 2021. Many people are fond of gaming. However, they spend a lot of money to buy premium games and trials. But have some patience, and search about free games. There are the most popular games which are available free of cost. Games are not only a part of life but they also make time more enjoyable. Furthermore, games are as much not bad things if you manage your time. But if you spend a whole day, it would be harmful to your health as well as your daily routine.


Top Ten Games for Android Mobiles 2021
Top Ten Games for Android Mobiles 2021


Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is a famous game. People enjoy a lot while playing in a team. It is available in the store without any charges. It comprises tournaments with the opponent team. Moreover, there are different modes in this game for example straight brawl mode, heist mode and a bounty mode. Crystal collection occurs in straight brawl mode moreover in heist mode, you steal opponents’ treasure. Winning from a specific opponent team, there is a bounty mode.

Asphalt 9

Asphalt is a fabulous racing game after the asphalt 8 series. However has new features with a bunch of challenges, 50 cars and many more. Furthermore, you can play it in a t.eam or single. Asphalt 9 is easy to play and download without extra charges.

Alto’s Odyssey

The most enchanting game among Top Ten Games for Android Mobiles 2021 free. Furthermore, natural graphics, simple features and mechanisms make it more charming for children and young. The player climbs down the hill and cross hurdle and fences. Jumping and running is the main feature of Alto’s Odyssey. Besides it download from the play store without spending a penny.

Call of Duty

Firstly it requires some patience to start. You have to understand the steps and regulations of this game. So it also includes a 100-player battle like PUBG. It not only a good FPS game but also have a battle feature like PUBG. In addition, you will enjoy playing. Download it from the google store freely.

EA Sports Game

EA sports game is a market concern game. Additionally, the developer developed the graphics nicely and they are decent as well as attractive. But some players get frustration soon with its features. Although some games are already in androids by default.

Critical Ops

Many people like shooter games. Critical Ops is also a shooter game like PUBG and Fortnite. So you can select terrorists according to your choice. Moreover, you can add your friends and community to play with them. This will be more entertaining. New and updated features of every game make individuals sometimes offended. But except for this, the thing that makes you download it is the free cost.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is really a fantasy game that attracts others.  Moreover, it is also a freemium game. The graphics are purely natural and different towns and societies are involved. Whenever you have not enough money to spend on a fantastic game then you can download it without any charges.


PUBG is a royal battle game. There are millions of downloaders of PUBG mobile. Moreover, it became famous in days all over the world. People who are apart from each other join its game and win by achieving targets. So it is really enjoyable.

Donut County

Donut County is a brilliant game of the time. Hence it is easily available on Google Store and Play Store. It contains highly emersed graphics and entertainment. Actually, there is a hole that has the ability to gulp everything in it. The storyline of Donut County is really unique. Firstly it downloads the small things. But with the passage of time it grows and more innovative features update.

Pokemon Go

Finally, Pokemon Go is the most entertaining game. Moreover, it incorporates the catching of  Pokemon. He is in battle and other powers reach to him for Gym ownership. Furthermore, there are new and updated features for instance brand new pokemon and AR mode of the game. This game is not only for amusement but also for health-conscious.

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