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International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8th March worldwide. However, if you are searching the history or the purpose of celebrating Women’s Day then you are at the right site. Here you will be able to clarify the difference between the empowerment of women. Although it is an influential event of the year. in 2021, this occasion is near. So different organizations. societies take part in many social activities and motivational acts. Women are the main part of every society. The system of every home depends on them. All the matters related to children and home is under the guidance of women.


International Women's Day
International Women’s Day


Women’s Right

Women’s rights take into considerations on this occasion. A woman plays an important role in society.  Moreover, a literate woman can run a family in a more mannered and civilized than an illiterate woman. Furthermore, an intelligent said is you want to grow as a successful power-on land then give more education to female. But there are negative thoughts regarding women’s education. Before the arrival of Islam, they treated badly. Some people think the birth of a girl will put them trouble.

Many people killed their daughter immediately after birth. But when the light of Islam spread, all the bad things converted into good acts. In schools, colleges and public programs, speeches and debates competitions happen between students to appreciate their talent. They discuss the topics related to women for example women’s rights, education of women and gender equality etc.


Generation Equality

On 8th March, generation equality is highlighted. In the generation equality campaign people from different statuses, gender, age, race and societies involved. They represent generation equality. Women have their rights. They are present in a home as Mother, Sister, Wife and Daughter. If a woman is a mother, she has heaven under the feet. So we can consider the status of women. However, if she is a daughter then she is a blessing by Allah Almighty. Sisters are supportive and cooperative. We share our wishes and good luck for women on International Women’s Day.

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